Student Development Program

At Blackhawk Engineering, we believe that student growth takes place outside of the classroom. Blackhawk engineering is proud to work with the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering and offer student internships for civil engineering students.

The purpose of the student development program is to help progress the student’s engineering and professional capabilities before they begin their professional career. There is only so much the College of Engineering can teach students. Students who work at BHE (Blackhawk Engineering) learn how to transmit what they have learned in the classroom and apply that knowledge in the professional world.

Michael Fury was the first student to go through the student development program here at Blackhawk Engineering. Michael started interning at BHE in October of 2013. Michael went through the Civil Engineering program at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering and is now graduated and working professionally in the field at Gannett Fleming INC.

Ben Pearson, Duncan Rady, and Daniel Silva are also former interns at the company. After graduating recently, Ben Pearson went on to work professionally at an established civil engineering firm in Jacksonville, FL. Duncan Rady, joined the student development program in January 2017, upon graduation he moved out to Fort Worth, Texas to continue his career in Civil Engineering. Daniel Silvia interned in the Student Development program for a short period of time, however gained a imense amount of experience and landed a job in Jacksonville, FL.  

Currently, Blackhawk Engineering has FAMU/FSU COE civil engineering students, Mr. Kevin Hernandez and Charles White, interning. The civil engineer interns here at Blackhawk Engineering, have a number of responsibilities that help contribute to their growth in professional engineering as well as the company's growth. These responsibilities include: site observations, structural design, foundation designs, civil designs, wind load analysis, and permitting.

"In such a short amount of time, The Student Development Program here at Blackhawk Engineering has helped me gain experience in the professional field and knowledge that will help me academically. Working with Mark has given me the opportunity and the tools necessary for me to become a qualified professional in this field."  --  Sarah Eljaua, Intern

"The student development program has challenged me to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom, as well as preparing me for the transition from student life to professional life." -- Garrett Mitchell, Intern

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